About Salta Adventures

We are a group of local guide apasioned who own a adventure travel agency , operating in salta, North of Argentina, offering small, personalised 4×4 tours combining with hiking and mountain bike . This is our home and we are proud to be able to showcase this stunning region.

Local Expert guide

We have skilled local bilingual adventures guides.
Our guides are professional and informed bunch who get a real kick out of taking you through what they know and love about their country. They've all got comprehensive training in first aid, driving, fatigue management, environmental awareness and local history and geology, so you can expect your experience to be as enjoyable as humanly possible. We're pretty proud of them !


Our 4x4 vehicles offers flexibility in route selection, safety and comfort We also have extensive experience in extreme trips and demanding logistics. Moreover, in a 4×4 Vehicle you can take all mountain equipment necessary for an active holiday outdoors, Satellite communication a picnic kit,hiking accessories, and mountain bikes.

Meet our team

Salta Adventures team consists of dedicated and experienced local guides who have extensive knowledge of the Puna area. They are helpful, courteous, professional and qualified in first aid and rescue. Above all, they are fun !! . Meet our team

Alejandro Martinez

Owner and Guide

Alejandro has been in contact with nature and outdoors activities since his early childhood. His passion for cycling and mountaineering started as a boy when entered several competitions and became two time local champion of mountain bike .Ale has worked as tour guide for more than 19 years, his trips have always included an element of outdoor exploring and local culinary arts his favorite way to share the traditions of his country with enthusiastic travelers.

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Guadalupe Demaria

Owner ,Guide and Logistics

Guadalupe is license in tourism and a lover of outdoor activities. Since She was a child discover her passion for nature and trekking suranded Salta, in compañy of her father. After many sport like swimming and hockey ( her preferents) star to practice mountaineering beside the compañy of her life, Alejandro. Taking a important experience guiding and leading groups all around argentina, biking and treking in the Andes. Now is part of the logistic team of Salta Adventures

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Mauricio Ríos


Mauricio is a proudy son of this blessed region, full of spectacular landscapes that cought his attention since he was very young and allowed him yo developed his vocation as a tour guide. In love with the outdoor life and with a vast experience travelling by argentina, bolivia and chile, he will take you into a gorgeous travel, full of unforgetable experiences!

Cesar Zapana


César is a lover of nature and outdoor activities. He started with cycling since he was very young becoming one of the precursors in mountain bike (MTB) in Argentina, What led him to be in the tier of the sportsman of the year 1996 in Salta. He practice another activities like trekking, triatlón and trail making this part of his life. He has a good knowledge of the northeastern of Argentina because he has another passion that is travel and discoverd new cultures. Looking for adventure he discovered rods and mountains of the Puna that is his place in the world.